Dr. James Robl

Retired Professor // Biotechnology Executive
Scientist // Transgenic Animal and Bovine Cloning Expert 

Dr. James Robl is an internationally recognized scientist and entrepreneur in the field of transgenic animals and cloning in cattle. He is the founder of the project leading to the underlying technologies of the Tc Bovine™ and DiversitAb™ Platform antibody production system.  

Dr. Robl began his career as a professor at the University of Massachusetts in 1985. In addition to his teaching efforts he conducted research on animal cloning and genetic engineering technologies. 

In 1995, Dr. Robl became interested in the applications of embryo cloning and genetic engineering technologies and co-founded several biotechnology companies to pursue these applications.

In 2000, he left his position at the University of Massachusetts to become the president and chief scientific officer of Hematech, one of the companies he co-founded. Under his leadership, Hematech grew to a company with 80 employees and capabilities for launching human therapeutics into clinical evaluation along with maintaining its status as a world leader in genetic engineering research. 

Dr. Robl retired from Hematech in 2009. He continues to consult and remains engaged in the advancement of science and the biotechnology industry.