SAB Biotherapeutics' team of scientists, researchers and leaders
has made it 
their life's work–using tools and tenacity–to establish this powerful tool to help prevent and fight disease. 

We uphold these values and share these characteristics.

We let integrity serve as our moral compass, guiding us in each action we take and decision we make.

We are compelled to work together and value the synergy of various perspectives coming together for a single purpose and the resulting insights that are revealed. It is the contributions of our employees, partners, investors, and suppliers that will enable us to accomplish our mission.

We are leaders in our field and will continue to shape the future of how we address the treatment and prevention of human diseases and emerging health threats.

We feel a deep obligation to our people, our partners, our community and people around the globe, and insist on the highest ethical standards in our business transactions, relationships, community and scientific practices.

We are ready to rise to the challenge of addressing complex global health issues and are dedicated to finding effective, natural solutions.

We are inherently compelled to use our abilities to tackle the causes of suffering and threats to humanity.

We are accomplished, educated and experienced with a natural aptitude for what we do.

Powered by passion,
backed with expertise
& dedicated
to leverage
nature’s genius
to preserve & protect
human health.